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Quick Money

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We was raised in the slum with crack placed on our blocks

Then we grew up in the hood taught to cook & sell crack rock

The only risk is to watch out for the cops

 to prevent a night in jail with three hots in a cot

Now your sitting waiting for bail

But the longer you wait your mind becomes more accustom to jail

So when you’re free all your able to do is get “quick money”

Back on the beat

So now that risk process you’re forced to repeat

While your self creates a new life to live

When you don’t get what you need to give

You feel there’s no reason to live

However your education isn’t to uplift the nation

When all you want to do is make “quick money” to support a kid

Or put an end to the frustration

But here’s the devils trick

He allows positive people to enter your life to recondition it

But you deny your only chance to positively  try

Instead of going to school & paying a different type of dues

You go back to the way you was brought up to live

to get what you need to give

Crack to your own people

Because we’re so infatuated with making “quick money” &

how to live illegal

Now your only life options is to get stuck with a convict

Or to admit to the devils trick

He didn’t have to use a gun

But a trick to get your soul to make you think getting “quick money”

Is your only way out the slum…

Author: KAA

Very unique and fragile through thoughtful conversation for the conscious minds.

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