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PowerNomics For Community Builders


Book PowerNomics Dr. Claud Andersons

Empowerment Model

The National Black/Asiatic Empowerment Plan.

Action Step #1: Incorporate a new focus around Blacks, the Original People

Actions Step#2: Develop and instill a group code of conduct.

Action Step#3: Build a Black alliance across religious denominations

Fundraiser#1 Legal fund.

Fundraiser #2 Land Tax certificate program and land bank.

Fundraiser#3 would provide educational funds, through either scholarships or grants to Black youth seeking post high educational training.

Action Step#4: Teach Black Economic Prosperity

Action Step#5: Operate the Church/Masjid/Organized Spiritual Members as an educational and instructional center

Action Step#6: Use the church to attract and hold wealth

Action Step#7: Establish Church/Masjid/Organized Spiritual Members based lending programs

Action Step#8: Provide social and community services

Action Step#9: Establish a network of protective organizations

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Rhythm Nation : African American History : Jazz


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Rhythm is smooth as the sand rolling on the beach

As the wind carries the motion of each

Rhythm is made from an instrument & can play or make

Magnificent motions by a single touch

From piano strings, to guitar & bass chords while trumpets blowing with birds chirping,

Drums can get on beat too

When rhythm takes control it also takes concentration

Some will allow rhythm to create their fixation of intellectual crescendos or innuendos

While others have no choice because rhythm will never bring fallacy

That defeats the purpose, rhythm is the birthplace

Of creating stimulated energy full of psychosomatic positivity

Unless negativity gets hold of it

Using a separated form of activity

Rhythm will still transpire a well verse desire

No matter the emotional creativity

Every life form develops rhythmic cadence

Humans uses motion while, wind provides the turbulence

Rhythm is a nation using elements

To compose the telepathy of eclectic movement

Redesigned by sound

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Better Your Self

To be a better person

Takes sacrificing your own reality

To humble before

Someone’s emotion using sincerity

Always realizing the act of affection

To ultimately disagree on oneself perception

Learning a way from our only way of living

When becoming a better person

We must change from

Being used to getting

To start giving