Verbal Expression through insightful thought

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African American History


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Imagine a land deserted only scattered by its native people

Then pirate ships arrives ashore with multiples of African people

It’s the end & the beginning of a start

Many deaths occur now & before

Mostly Africans & the native people galore

What a massacre

When many families weep to see their only son sold like sheep

Many spirits try to unite & join the fight

Against the oppressor

Whom normal ways may seem polite

But let their abnormal ways disperse

You’re talking about a true curse

Well if you fit the scenery in your mind then the truth hurts

It’s the end & the beginning of a start

Like the stars & the moon that separates day from dark

Their procedures left whelps upon our elders & ancestors back

Don’t you get it

They are using us to build their metropolis

So a revolution against it would only add to the list of already dead people

Our only solution is asking God for truth, strength, &

how to remain humble

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“Power to the People” = “Amandia Awethu”

Power to the People 

Was a phrase created or coined by The Black Panthers used the slogan “All Power to the People” to protest the rich, ruling class domination of society. Pro-democracy students used it to protest America’s military campaign in Vietnam.


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The South African slogan “Amandia Ngawethu” or “Amandla Awethu” is also a popular variation of the Power to the People. It literally means “The power is ours” but is used in a similar way as “Power to the People”. It is often used in a call and response format, with the speaker shouting “Amandla” and the crowd replying “Awethu”.


Many people has inappropriately used the term to set their own clause behind the strength within the phrase itself. “Power to the People” fairly means to exemplify an energy to a people that needs the influence of self actualization. Perhaps it doesn’t mean to gather a specific ethnic group but gather those that feel the need to set the mark for social achievement and and social economic growth…

The term “Power to the People” is not set to gather a group of individuals to appoint fanaticism, anger, nor reproach.

The term “Power to the People” has depth. It is an affirmation. However if the term was created by an anglo saxon then maybe it would be considered as one of the promotion phrases to use to convince for political debate.

Although since the term as mentioned was created by an original organization used to support the pre existing love for African Americans and their communities, then the term will be labelled and defined as the organization is labelled whom exploit it. The Black Panther Party was targeted by the the US Government as a terrorist organization so what verbal expressions used within such organization would be consider Anti American.


Power to the People should be re surfaced and used to establish a togetherness for the people. The term should be okay to say again but not in reference to dislocate our people minds to support the “Struggle” If anything it usage would just be to unite uniting power instead of their segregating emotion then we could view ourselves as one and also learn to believe in a “Oneness.”

Instead if we don’t then we will find our selves separating away into a single thinking society grouped with similar minded people to dis associate themselves to set a standard or demonstrate a perceptual plot to display the is considered the right example while those opposing their perceptual plot is obviously wrong..

So I would like to say, “Power to the People” only to affirm those people that feels the need to find themselves as “the reason for existence,” not allowing” the powers that be” force them into a codependency or into a submissive state upon a political regime to  psychologically deprive the personal advancement socially or economically.

“Power to the People”

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“The Existence”

An ocean view sudden thoughts of death

Life is given through the form of every breath air has its own properties

With no eyes legs or arms but travels magnificently

Who can realistically imagine the heat the sun gives from such distance

Its presence is so divine

Any closer the sun rays can shine

The suncan melt away all forms of life including a human spine

Being alive is equipped with all sorts of behavioral tendencies

Plants use oxygen to release

Water helps rocks increase

Humans rely on each other to teach

Being spiritual has nothing to do with an individual

Through belief faith is formed

All physical properties witness the external treat of “The Existence”

A Higher Power extremely gifted

Not by a talent inherited only


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Quick Money

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We was raised in the slum with crack placed on our blocks

Then we grew up in the hood taught to cook & sell crack rock

The only risk is to watch out for the cops

 to prevent a night in jail with three hots in a cot

Now your sitting waiting for bail

But the longer you wait your mind becomes more accustom to jail

So when you’re free all your able to do is get “quick money”

Back on the beat

So now that risk process you’re forced to repeat

While your self creates a new life to live

When you don’t get what you need to give

You feel there’s no reason to live

However your education isn’t to uplift the nation

When all you want to do is make “quick money” to support a kid

Or put an end to the frustration

But here’s the devils trick

He allows positive people to enter your life to recondition it

But you deny your only chance to positively  try

Instead of going to school & paying a different type of dues

You go back to the way you was brought up to live

to get what you need to give

Crack to your own people

Because we’re so infatuated with making “quick money” &

how to live illegal

Now your only life options is to get stuck with a convict

Or to admit to the devils trick

He didn’t have to use a gun

But a trick to get your soul to make you think getting “quick money”

Is your only way out the slum…

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The Best Creation is Female

What kind of woman are you
Allowing men to mentally control you
To only be seen as a pleasure component
From most men your body is their land or playground for sin
I say land because your body bares tasty fruit men love to eat
No man should use the woman to mistreat or beat
If anything a man should walk a woman in the right direction in the street
Or into a home as his Empress
However many men would rather a good woman settle just as his mistress
I know its not your intent
For a man to play with your mental
Remember your body is made to be fertile
Worth investing in physiologically
But you allow your mind to be controlled psychologically encouraged by players & pimps
Woman should teach girls to see the real woman outside & conscious personality within
It’s hard to understand a woman’s excuse for stripping
Using a phrase “it’s for college”
Not thinking men visualize showing your female body for dollars is just one of your problems
We enjoy to treat
But since your beautiful you should demand respect
It doesn’t matter what level your living through an intellect
A females beauty has three phases
First its heard through the mouth
Then exemplifies through the personality
Lastly from the bright radiance of your smile & skin
That shines by the sun as a reflects from the face
Always know that your self esteem can always be replaced
With self assurance not insecurity
Know your the center of a mans universe
Planets circulate around you
If its not true then stay hidden I guarantee men & our world would not know what to do

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LOVE is Cosmic cause it spells with four Letters individually

L meaning longevity for

O meaning Obtusely with

V meaning Virtuosity behind

E meaning Expression

When others give LOVE a different impression

its force could either lead or leave you into depression

Perhaps using it correctly will fulfill you with an erection

or leave the Vagina to stain an imprint

The power behind LOVE created is infinite

once you believe in love it will show its magnificence

Perhaps to know LOVE is undiscovered

Cause they’re many whom live covered

with a LOVE to hate

But to teach you what LOVE is can be a huge mistake

You should learn what LOVE is through faith

While your fate leans toward a truthful obligation

Or having LOVE is our mental masturbation

Because to determine LOVE must be through signs

Using only four words to spell out to mean LOVE

lasts for a very long time because its divine.

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We’re Men for a Reason

A Man will admit to his wrongful doings & not commit to lifestyle of a fool,

A Man takes pride in strength & uses his mind to be his exercise tool,

He is not the person to be rude to define his mite,

A Man is not a burden but the reason for life,

He lives to be for certain,

He will make sure his responsibilities are kept,

His habits are; victory, thought provoking, self sufficient,

Even though Men struggle… A Man will guarantee a will “to make it,”

In fact A Man will make sure his name is mention with exceptional etiquitte,

So when you see A Man with his family his manhood will be evident,

When you look into his face you will see the greatness in his eyes,

A Mans creation is heaven sent,