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PowerNomics For Community Builders


Book PowerNomics Dr. Claud Andersons

Empowerment Model

The National Black/Asiatic Empowerment Plan.

Action Step #1: Incorporate a new focus around Blacks, the Original People

Actions Step#2: Develop and instill a group code of conduct.

Action Step#3: Build a Black alliance across religious denominations

Fundraiser#1 Legal fund.

Fundraiser #2 Land Tax certificate program and land bank.

Fundraiser#3 would provide educational funds, through either scholarships or grants to Black youth seeking post high educational training.

Action Step#4: Teach Black Economic Prosperity

Action Step#5: Operate the Church/Masjid/Organized Spiritual Members as an educational and instructional center

Action Step#6: Use the church to attract and hold wealth

Action Step#7: Establish Church/Masjid/Organized Spiritual Members based lending programs

Action Step#8: Provide social and community services

Action Step#9: Establish a network of protective organizations