Verbal Expression through insightful thought

“Revolution means Bloodshed” Malcolm X : fundamental potenial

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Powernomics cSince It’s very hard living in these days & times

I don’t mean pick up a gun & gather a group to help you run

A campaign

Must be created & implemented with Thought & Education

Unless you rather spend your time behind bars in frustration

Without freedom of your own god given talents

I’m not trying to say these words to draw interest through ballads

I say them to educate to the revolutionary thinker

Power is something we all think of

Rarely we realize what it really takes to attain

Power with the correct education will stabilize & stimulate the brain

Money will rescue you from the debts of poverty

Without a strategy to think

The oppressor is waiting for us to unite & fight

They have one button tactics that will blow us in the blink of an eye sight

To supersede

We must revolutionize the mind to encourage ourselves away from any form of evil

“Revolution means Bloodshed”

So that means we must help socio-systematically

Self encourage a systematic finance for our own people

Because we used to have ownership

What we must re create

Is a tactic

Intelligently revolutionizing  black & white people empowerment

Re-developed economic  business entreprenuer thinkers

Self created invention & services

That will annialate the mental & physical mass consumption of consumer dreamers

Author: KAA

Very unique and fragile through thoughtful conversation for the conscious minds.

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