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“Power to the People” = “Amandia Awethu”

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Power to the People 

Was a phrase created or coined by The Black Panthers used the slogan “All Power to the People” to protest the rich, ruling class domination of society. Pro-democracy students used it to protest America’s military campaign in Vietnam.


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The South African slogan “Amandia Ngawethu” or “Amandla Awethu” is also a popular variation of the Power to the People. It literally means “The power is ours” but is used in a similar way as “Power to the People”. It is often used in a call and response format, with the speaker shouting “Amandla” and the crowd replying “Awethu”.


Many people has inappropriately used the term to set their own clause behind the strength within the phrase itself. “Power to the People” fairly means to exemplify an energy to a people that needs the influence of self actualization. Perhaps it doesn’t mean to gather a specific ethnic group but gather those that feel the need to set the mark for social achievement and and social economic growth…

The term “Power to the People” is not set to gather a group of individuals to appoint fanaticism, anger, nor reproach.

The term “Power to the People” has depth. It is an affirmation. However if the term was created by an anglo saxon then maybe it would be considered as one of the promotion phrases to use to convince for political debate.

Although since the term as mentioned was created by an original organization used to support the pre existing love for African Americans and their communities, then the term will be labelled and defined as the organization is labelled whom exploit it. The Black Panther Party was targeted by the the US Government as a terrorist organization so what verbal expressions used within such organization would be consider Anti American.


Power to the People should be re surfaced and used to establish a togetherness for the people. The term should be okay to say again but not in reference to dislocate our people minds to support the “Struggle” If anything it usage would just be to unite uniting power instead of their segregating emotion then we could view ourselves as one and also learn to believe in a “Oneness.”

Instead if we don’t then we will find our selves separating away into a single thinking society grouped with similar minded people to dis associate themselves to set a standard or demonstrate a perceptual plot to display the is considered the right example while those opposing their perceptual plot is obviously wrong..

So I would like to say, “Power to the People” only to affirm those people that feels the need to find themselves as “the reason for existence,” not allowing” the powers that be” force them into a codependency or into a submissive state upon a political regime to  psychologically deprive the personal advancement socially or economically.

“Power to the People”

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