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African American History

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Imagine a land deserted only scattered by its native people

Then pirate ships arrives ashore with multiples of African people

It’s the end & the beginning of a start

Many deaths occur now & before

Mostly Africans & the native people galore

What a massacre

When many families weep to see their only son sold like sheep

Many spirits try to unite & join the fight

Against the oppressor

Whom normal ways may seem polite

But let their abnormal ways disperse

You’re talking about a true curse

Well if you fit the scenery in your mind then the truth hurts

It’s the end & the beginning of a start

Like the stars & the moon that separates day from dark

Their procedures left whelps upon our elders & ancestors back

Don’t you get it

They are using us to build their metropolis

So a revolution against it would only add to the list of already dead people

Our only solution is asking God for truth, strength, &

how to remain humble

Author: KAA

Very unique and fragile through thoughtful conversation for the conscious minds.

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