Verbal Expression through insightful thought

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“Nigger into Nigga, onto ‘The Possession.”

The History

The verbal distortion of the word Nigger has definitely played into the subconscious minds of our African American people. We as a people of African American in inner cities or suburban areas has developed this word “Nigger” into a common trade name of a common personal reference of our culture or a culture of popular interests.

“The word “nigger” was created by southern slaveholders to describe the African people they viewed as subhuman property” (Coard, 2014).

This write will express how the word “Nigger” has developed into a SUPER POWER and a philological, psychological, and sociological idol. Idol in reference to mental possession over the minds of those that choose to describe themselves and others as such.

Our African American before the 1800’s our African American people would have never use the word “Nigger” against each other. Since its creation from of the word thus began its mental possession over the minds of our African American people. Since the 1800’s the African American people has gradually began to accept the term “Nigger” and change its definable clause into “Nigga” a now common term used and only allowed to use among urban or African American people respectively in reference to its common subjects.

“Nigger is one of the most notorious words in American culture. Some words carry more weight than others. But without trying to exaggerate, is genocide just another word? Pedophilia? Clearly, no and neither is nigger” (Pilgrim, Middleton, 2001).

The Possession

Today when we use the word “nigger and nigga” and attached it to our inheritance and descriptive culture the possession begins. The ideal of being “A real nigga” becomes evident. The idea of having an association to something negative becomes evident. Also the idea of being a criminal is attached to people that finds themselves “a real nigga.” on the other hand in poetry or rap the term “nigga” has established its definition of usage to posses a definition of expression through words. Today African Americans are possessed by the word and its usage. Today many African Americans in inner cities or suburban areas will defend the act of avoiding the discontinue of the word usage among each other. Also our African Americans will take on a certain lifestyle of self expression when using the word “nigga” or “nigger.”

When the term “nigger or “nigga” is used its representing a personality of negative and creative intentions. In fact many African Americans will defend the word “nigger” or “nigga” and explain that when they say, ‘nigga’ it doesn’t mean what was originally meant from racist slaveholders whom created the word.” In fact they would say, ‘nigga’ means something different.” Some researchers would then ask, “what exactly does the word ‘nigga’ means to you?” The reply is normally, “Never ignorant, getting, goals, accomplished” (T. Shakur) So lets break this down. if the ‘nigga’ word means that then why are ‘nigga’ creating crimes and finding ways to say being a “real nigga” means representing criminology or something destructive. So the word ‘nigga’ is proven to take on a mental possession of thinking towards ridiculous acts leading to criminalized survival tactics which is stereotyped.

However the word ‘Nigga’ mental possessions doesn’t always mean those that those who use the word is a criminal or will become a criminal it has a double standard meaning as well. Most’ niggas” that distinguish themselves as such will believe they are a ‘nigga’ because they are living in poverty and think they’re “living in the struggle” These ‘Nigga’ coded lifestyles take on a mental dilemmas on a personal advancement. Most ‘niggas’ believes that there is someone or a group of people controlling their human body and makes everything hard for them to progress. Which is never true.

When the word ‘nigga’ is used by African Americans it imposes a new thought process. The thought process causes them to attached to a lifestyle that is to believe to be irrational, negative, gangster, and socially disadvantaged. However the word Negus has no relation to the word “nigger” it doesn’t even has similar reference in pronunciation.

So the advice is to no longer use and allow the word to possess the minds of our African American culture, however it will not an easy task to do however if we collectively can use it we can collectively make it stop.